• Bronze medal for Biathlete Jakov Fak

    Bronze medal for Biathlete Jakov Fak


    At the IBU World Championships 2013, Alpina racing team achieved excellent results.

    On Men 10 km sprint Jakov Fak won  gold medal, Dmitry Malishko was ended race on excellent 5th place. 

    On Men 12.5 km Pursuit race Alpina racing team won three ranking among the top ten. Dmitriy Malyshko on 4 th,  Dominik Landertinger on 5 th and Jakov Fak on 6 th place. 

    These are really optimistic results for Alpina Biathletes.

    On women 7,5 km sprint and 10 km Pursuit were the best biathletes Olga Vilukhina and  Ekaterina Glazyrina on 5 th place. 


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