• Silver and bronze medals in Antholz

    Silver and bronze medals in Antholz

    Januar 2013

    At the last stage before the Biathlon World Cup, in Antholz, Alpina racing team won second and third place, which had won Jakov Fak, and ten ranking among the top ten. That is absolutely a good sign for the upcoming World Cup in Nove mesto in the Czech Morava.


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  • XC silver medal

    XC silver medal

    Januar 2013

    In the mass start race 15 km in France, Alpina Racing team competitor stepped on the podium for the winner. Russian BESSMERTNYKH Alexander  won excellent second place.  

    After the race in France runners go to Sochi on pre-Olympic competition


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  • Gold medal in Liberec

    Gold medal in Liberec

    Januar 2013

    Past weekend biathlon race and sprint have taken place in Ruhpolding and in Liberec. Alpina racing team won gold, silver and bronze medals.

    Teodor Peterson won first place in men sprint, FALLA Maiken Caspersen and OESTBERG Ingvild Flugstad were the best in women's Team sprint.

    The set ranking on the podium were supplemented by Dimitry Malysko with second place in mass start and Maiken Caspersen FALLA in sprint.


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