• Koukalova with Sprint Globe, Nillsson the first in Quebec

    Koukalova with Sprint Globe, Nillsson the first in Quebec

    Marec 2017

    Oslo, Quebec - The winner of the day is a cross-country skier Stina Nilsson (SWE) who won the last world cup sprint race in Quebec (Canada). Her team colleague Hanna Falk was at 3th place. Nilsson is in the final overall sprint standing at great 2nd place, Falk is 3th. Finn Haagen Krogh (NOR) had the 2nd time of qualifications, and in the final he crossed the finish line as 2nd. 

    In the other part of the World, in Holmenkollen, Gabriela Koukalova (CZE) finished the world cup sprint race with one penalti at 4th place, which was enough for the Sprint Globe. 

    Dominik Landertinger (AUT) ended the race as Koukalova at 4th place with one mistake in shooting.

    Big Congrats! 


    Results - Sprint Ladies CC

    Results - Sprint Men CC

    Results - Ladies - Men B

    Foto - Nordic Focus


  •  Bessmertnykh third in Holmenkollen

    Bessmertnykh third in Holmenkollen

    Marec 2017

    Oslo - Alexander Bessmertnykh (RUS) finished the King's 50km long race in Holmenkollen at great 3th place (2:04:14,9). Bessmertnykh took third in a 3-way photo finish with Norwegian’s Sjur Roethe and Niklas Dyrhaug.

    After the race Bessmertnykh said that his goal was to reach the TOP 3. He also hoped to win the race.

    In the Biathlon world cup in Kontiolahti, yesterday second Ondrej Moravec ended the pursuit race at great 4th place, with 2 penalties and only 7. second behind the podium.

    Congrats to all! 


    Results - 50km - men - CC

    Results - Pursuit - men - B

    Foto - Nordic Focus

  • Moravec silver in Kontiolahti

    Moravec silver in Kontiolahti

    Marec 2017

    Kontiolahti - Ondrej Moravec (CZE) ended today's sprint on great second place. Moravec almost had his second career victory, witn only 0,6 second behind the winner Martine Fourcade.

    Daria Virolaynen (RUS) with a clean shooting finished on 4th place.


    Results - sprint 

    Foto - Nordic Focus