• Stina Nilsson  - excellent start in Kusamo

    Stina Nilsson - excellent start in Kusamo

    November 2015

    Stina Nilsson (SWE) start the new season in perfect shape, with new Alpina shoes. She took two silver medals in 10km race and women's sprint. 

  • New top ski boot with heater

    New top ski boot with heater

    Oktober 2015

    Ski boot ELITE – skiing all day, in all weather conditions and on all terrains 


    With the ELITE 130 ski boot, Alpina is entering a new, innovative path of heated ski boots. The integrated heating system InTemp makes sure your feet are warm and dry at all times, while providing sufficient aeration and preventing overheating of your feet. The InTemp heating system operates at two levels. Serial adjustable temperature and heating time can also be manually set, turned on or off, depending on your needs and wishes. Battery can be easily charged via connectors on the outer side of the boot, and the battery is integrated inside the boot, whereby it’s protected from any external influences.

    Even though the boot makes your feet pleasantly warm thanks to the heating system, you don’t have to worry about sweating. 4Dry material provides dryness and ventilation of the boot liner, so you can spend the entire day in your boot as well as in any weather conditions. 

    VCP insert serves as an additional adjustment of volume in case your boot is too tight or the shape of your foot requires filling out the space between your foot and the boot. With the VCP insert you can regulate the last width from 102 to 104 or vice versa, as you please.

    In addition to the above, the boot is distinguished by the fact that it is easy to put on, the X-FRAME construction, Mg buckles, SKI-HIKE function, which enable you to easily make a step or two while wearing your ski boots.

    Elite 130 captures all the features of a top ski boot. It is designed for experienced skiers, who require good support, grip, protection, and good functionality. The boot is comfortable, light and adjustable. An excellent companion that will never let you down. 

    The Elite ski boot will be available in Alpina stores and in the online store in the 2015 ski season. For experienced lady skiers, this winter a new line of women’s ski boots Ruby with the integrated heating system Intemp will be available. All the above-mentioned advantages of the Intemp heating system also apply to ski boots Ruby Intemp for ladies. 


  • Take a walk in the boots of the Biathlon Champion Jakov Fak

    Take a walk in the boots of the Biathlon Champion Jakov Fak

    Oktober 2015

    Super advanced cross-country skiing boots ELITE 2.0 for an easy way of achieving top results.


    The new ALPINA ELITE 2.0 sports boot

    Super advanced cross-country skiing boots ELITE 2.0 for an easy way of achieving top results

    From season to season we upgrade our boot collection for cross-country skiing with useful solutions, technologies and materials. Each boot is fitted with the most up-to-date functions available on the market because this is the only way we can turn it into a perfect accessory on your path to victory. A major part of the secret behind the boots made for winners and those who are on the right way to becoming ones is their innovative and functional design.  These are top-notch boots designed by crafty hands on the basis of understanding all the laws and factors involved in winter sports. 

    Elite 2.0 boots allow precision in performing cross-country skiing technique, giving top class responsiveness and a maximum transmission of force from the boot to the ski. They make it possible to efficiently control correct stature and body balance during skiing as well as speed control at any occasion.

    All Elite 2.0 boot components are made of selected and advanced materials with the purpose of a maximum reduction of total weight. Construction and design are directed at managing all functional requirements. Optimum sole flexibility is ensured with maximum longitudinal rigidity and lateral stability of the boot. The boots provide superior traction and a high-level comfort. Materials are non-water absorbent. They adapt excellently to different types and shapes of feet. They are distinguished by extraordinary lightness while at the same time ensuring excellent functionality.

    The new Elite 2.0 series boots are intended for winners and recreational sportspersons. Our sponsored competitors reach for the top ranks on the world championship competitions; they stood on the podium more than 90 times.

    The boots that are available in Alpina stores are the same as those worn by medal winners Jakov Fak, the Swedish competitors Charlotee Kalla and Markus Hellner, the Czech competitor Gabriela Soukalova and many others. 

    If you prefer the skate skiing technique, we recommend the ESK 2.0 model; and to all those cherishing the “classic” technique the ECL 2.0 model. Both models are also available in children’s version intended for able recreational skiers and competitors in the children’s categories. The children’s versions of the model incorporate the Thinsulate material offering excellent thermal insulation properties.

    We took care of everything, now you just have to come to the snowy plains.