• In the hunt for new medals Charlotte Kalla has chosen Alpina ski boots.

    In the hunt for new medals Charlotte Kalla has chosen Alpina ski boots.

    Julij 2014

    Last winter Charlotte Kalla won 1 gold and 2 silver medals at the Olympic winter games in Sochi. In the hunt for new medals Kalla has chosen to change ski boots to Alpina.

    -          After several tests the decision feels totally right. Alpinas boot is very light weight and it fits my foot perfect. The most important thing for me has been to find a great feeling Charlotte says.

    Right after the season finale in Falun at the 16th of March, when most of the other athletes took a couple of weeks off, Charlotte Kalla started to test the new boots from Alpina.

    -          As long as it was snow in the Sundsvall area I was testing there. After that I went to Riksgränsen and then to Sognefjell in Norway. I made the decision that I was going to test boots without any preconditions, not talk to anybody. You spend a lot of time in your ski boots so it was an important decision. It was quite an enduring exercise but after all the decision feels great. When you’re on the skis it almost feels like you don’t have any boots on and it works perfect with the binding system. I could have done a couple of more tests but I wanted to have it all done before we’re back on snow again for the next season Charlotte says.

    Charlotte Kalla, who turns 27 on the 22th of July, can look back on her best season ever. She has developed big time in the classic discipline and won a silver medal on the 10k at the Olympics in Sochi. Even at the skiathlon she won the silver medal but the biggest achievement was in the 5k x 4 relay. Kalla likes to chase, but this time she was going to make up almost 26 seconds to Finland (Krista Lähteenmäki) and Germany (Denise Herrman). We all remember how it went. Kalla chased’em down and crossed the finish line as number one.

    -          It was fantastic, a WOW-sort of season where almost all pieces fell in the right place. It’s a wonderful feeling when you’ve put in a lot of work and then it pays off. When I meet people today it’s the relay they remember the most..and so do I, she says and laugh.

    When we made the interview Charlotte just came back from a long distance workout. She started with two hours of roller skiing. Then a quick change to her running shoes and she continued with two hours of running in the mountains.

    -          We started at 8 o’clock but it was hot already. It was a backbreaking work out but afterwards it’s feels great. The offseason training has turned out well so far.

    Last Monday Charlotte, along with the other girls in the relay-team, (Emma Wikén, Ida Ingemarsdotter, Anna Haag) entered the stage in Borgholm to receive the Victoria Award. It was the second time (first in 2010) Charlotte received the award from the Swedish princess Victoria.

    Up next are a couple of ordinary training weeks for Charlotte before the national team gathers together for the first training camp of the season in Torsby Ski tunnel(7th-15th of August). In September the team goes to Ramsau for the first “real” training camp on snow. For Charlotte Kalla the big goal for next season is the World Championship in Falun (18/2-1/3). – It’s going to be good fun!

    With a brand new Alpina boot on her feet.

    Other skiers in the Swedish A-team using Alpina; Marcus Hellner, Anton Lindblad, Johan Olsson, Hanna Eriksson, Sara Lindborg, Stina Nilsson and Emma Wikén

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  • Alpina racing team results

    Alpina racing team results

    Februar 2014

    Alpina racing team results, SOCHI (RUS)

    Cross country skiing

    3. Heidi WENG NOR Women Skiatlon 7,5 km
    9. Emma Wiken SWE Women Skiatlon 7,5 km
    2. Marcus Hellner SWE Men Skiatlon 7,5 km
    4. Maxim Vylegzhanin RUS Men Skiatlon 7,5 km
    8. Johannes DUERR AUT Men Skiatlon 7,5 km
    4 Anders GLOEERSEN NOR Sprint men
    6 Marcus HELLNER SWE Sprint men
    9 Erik BRANSDAL NOR Sprint men
    2 Ingvild Flugstad OESTBERG NOR Sprint Women
    3 Vesna FABJAN SLO Sprint Women
    7 Gaia VUERICH ITA Sprint Women
    8 Denise HERRMANN GER Sprint Women
    10 Stina NILSSON SWE Sprint Women
    6 Stefanie BOEHLER GER Women 10 km
    9 Heidi WENG NOR Women 10 km
    2. Johan OLSSON SWE Men 15 km classic
    1. Emma WIKEN SWE Women relay 4*5 km
    3. Denise HERRMANN GER Women relay  4*5 km
    3. Stefanie BOEHLER GER Women relay 4*5 km
    3. Nicole FESSEL GER Women relay 4*5 km
    1. Marcus HELLNER SWE Men relay 4*10 km
    1. Johan OLSSON SWE Men relay 4*10 km
    2. Maxim VYLEGZHANIN RUS Men relay 4*10 km
    2. Aleksander BESSMERTNYKH RUS Men relay 4*10 km
    2. Dmitriy JAPAROV RUS Men relay 4*10 km
    1. Ingvild Flugstad OESTBERG NOR Women team sprint
    3. Stina NILSSON SWE Women team sprint
    2. Maxim VYLEGZHANIN RUS men team sprint
    2 Maxim VYLEGZHANIN RUS men 50 km classic
    5. Eva VRABCOVA CZE women 30 km 
    8. Emma VIKEN SWE women 30 km



    2 Dominik LANDERTINGER AUT Men sprint 10 km
    8 Moravec ONDREJ CZE men sprint 10 km
    10 Jakov FAK SLO Men sprint 10 km
    2 Olga VILUKHINA RUS Women sprint 7,5 km
    7 NOWAKOWSKA-ZIEMNIAK Weronika POL Women sprint 7,5 km
    2 Ondrej MORAVEC CZE Men pursuit 12,5 km
    10 Dominik LANDERTINGER AUT Men pursuit 12,5 km
    3. Teja GREGORIN  SLO Women pursuit 10 km
    7 Olga VILUKHINA RUS Women pursuit 10 km
    5. Dominik LANDERTINGER AUT Men's 20 km individual
    9 Serhiy SEMENOV UKR men's 20 km individual 
    5. Teja GREGORIN SLO women mass start 12,5 km
    6. Monika HOJNISZ POL women mass start 12,5 km
    3. Ondrej MORAVEC CZE men mass start 15 km
    4. Jakov FAK SLO men mass start 15 km
    7. Dominik LANDERTINGER  AUT men mass start 15 km
    8.  Johannes Thingnes BOE NOR men mass strats 15 km
    2. Ondrej MORAVEC CZE mix relay
    2. Yana ROMANOVA RUS women relay 4*6km
    2. Ekaterina SHUMILOVA RUS women relay 4*6 km
    2.  Olga VILUKHINA RUS women relay 4*6 km
    3. Fanny HORN NOR women relay 4*6 km
    1. Alexey VOLKOV   RUS men relay 4*7,5 km
    3. Dominik LANDERTINGER  AUT men relay 4*7,5 km
    6. J. FAK, P. DOKL, J, MARIČ, K. BAUER SLO men relay 4*7,5km


    Nordic combine

    1. Joergen GRAABAK NOR individual gundersen 15 km
    1. Joergen GRAABAK NOR team gundersen 4*5 km
    1. Havard KLEMETSEN NOR team gundersen 4*5 km
    1. Mangus KROG NOR team gundersen 4*5 km
    3. Magnus KROG NOR individual gundersen 10 km


  • Great successes of Alpina athletes

    Great successes of Alpina athletes

    Februar 2014

    At the Olympics the Alpina racing team appeared on Tuesday's races both in sprint and in biathlon.  This time women was in very good shape and won great results including Slovenian Teja Gregorin and Vesna Fabjan.

    In the women's sprint were the best Norwegian Ingvild Flugstad OESTBERG on second and Vesna FABJAN on third place.

    In Biathlon race we were pleasantly surprised when Teja GREGORIN won bronze medal.  With very fast running and precise shooting she did a great job!

    This Tuesday was  the day of Slovenian athletes, as well as the day of Alpina. In the very  first four days of Olympic games we got excellent results, four silver and three bronze medals. 

    On the same day there was also interesting men's sprint. The best athlete of alpina racing team was Norwegian Anders GLOEERSEN who finished on fourth place.  Marcus Hellner and Erik Brandsal also finished among top ten. 

    Our racers are in very good shape and they have the best boots which will help them to perform well and win new medals.