• Volume control plate

    Volume control plate

    We can adjust the volume of the liner for young skiers and at the same time improve grip. By alternating the specially designed plastic Volume Control Plate (VCP) between the left and right boots, we can adjust the size of the boot. This allows young skiers to use the same ski boots for a longer period of time.

  • Thermo insulation

    Thermo insulation

    For carefree enjoyment on the snow, we have developed a soft liner with thermo insulation, to keep their feet warm.

  • PU heel & toe plates

    PU heel & toe plates

    Heel and toe plates are made of firm and durable PU material.

  • Junior last

    Junior last

    Sophisticated feet analyses like scanning gave birth to a completely reinvented boot last that serves various feet shapes and assures equally great fit to the high, low, wide or narrow feet.